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Monday Sex Tales #2

People always think I fuck Models, but thats not always the case. I have my good days wer I fuck a solid 7-9 but 65% of the time i fuck normal 4-6 pieces and sometimes i give 2 pieces a donation, you can say I'm Humble. But back to the story, Ive gotten lucky to fuck a dime once, cute face , big tits, big o booty. I remember that day I was just chillen at my old place, had my booty call come threw since I was horny. We start fucking shortly after she gets there, we never really had convos we just used each other for sex, so as shes ridding me I get a text from this...

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Monday Sex Tales

Unfortunately I'm not a vampire, but if I was I fosure woulda loved this sex experience. This girl i would talk to told me she wanted to fuck me, so of course I said yes, she proceeded to tell me " we going to have wild sex, im a freak, you not ready , etc... " so whatever I go pick this chick up, start driving to my house. She starts telling me she brought her gag ball and a whip and some other shit i don't really recall. told me she wanted me to fuck her while she gots the gag ball in her mouth. We get to my house and off the bat start making out, and getting naked, she starts...

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After knowing Haffwayhouse for a couple years now, we decided to drop a collab jacket. What made us make a jacket? well the first time we met we noticed we was both into some of the same bands like deftones, glassjaw and etc... I remember back in  high school I would always check how Chino Moreno from the band Deftones would dress and would always shop at thrift stores to copy his style. Back to the point the collab idea came mostly from Chino Moreno dressing style, he would always wear these nylon coach style jackets. We decided to put the man known as Jesus Christ in the back with the words " Death gotta be easy cause life is...

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