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Might Be flammable, Keep away from Kids.

Flames T-shirts are too Fire. I Wanted to design a shirt that shows your insides, like if you lit in the inside because we get lit. The back of the shirt has the same design but mirrored that way it looks like it burned you. I didn't take a picture of it, honestly I was too high and forgot. But check the shop for details.

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" Breaking Hearts " Valentines Limited Drop

Decided to make a small drop for Valentines day. Since most of us will be having no dates this year due to being Scumbags, might as well wear this shirt or hoodie and drink a 40oz and shit. This product will be removed on Valentines Day. The store will continue closed until new Collection drops in the end of March. Keep Breaking Hearts you Scumbags.  Photos by Jon Zim. ( Instagram: @z_eye_m  

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  It is that time of year, when you don't wanna dress up but still want to go to the party in spirit, the " Hallotweaker " shirt ir perfect for all Halloween Party's. Has a lil something coming out the nose, we will just say it's seeds. This print is in reflective, that way you don't get hit by a car. I'm only printing a limited run of shirts. Make sure you order it today, before it SELLS OUT.  

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