Shooting @Veraxdrake

                Woke up around 8 am to take a piss as usual, as I was checking my Instagram , noticed a comment from @verxdrake . I started creeping her page and thought she pretty fucking hot, I hit her up in a comment saying we should shoot sometime. She quickly replied that we should, as we exchanged numbers she told me she can shoot that same day at 11:30 am. I was suppose to go on a breakfast date that day with some chick I've been thirsting on for a while, but went to shoot pictures instead. Vera gave me her address, as I pulled to some sketchy looking warehouse, started to think, what did I just get myself into.

                She comes down stairs and we say what's up and shit then she takes me inside the warehouse looking place, which ends up being a big ass loft. As I walk in I'm like holly shit this place looks trippy, was a big space and all the rooms was designed artistically different, they looked bad ass. She showed me around and told me the owner of the loft designed every room by the name of Johnny Blanco. We started smoking and went to the library for the first pictures, Vera started getting naked and changing in front of me, I got to see some nice tits, and booty. We started shooting and was very easy to shoot her because her face and posses was on point. We kept shooting around the whole place , and laughing about shit.

                She then leaves to her room and comes back with some BDSM gear, so fuck it she puts it on, and tells me to really yank on it so she can get into it. As I'm pulling the chain, she starts moaning as i pull harder, I was shooting the picture myself like POV style and as I was chocking her with chain I was getting kind of turned on, due to the sexy faces she was making and moaning. As I pulled harder I thought I was going to get harder, luckily I snapped out of it quick. After that scene we went to the TV room, had a bunch of TV's and movie theater style seats. She put on a Scumbags Ski mask and took her top off, was a nice sight. The we proceeded to do another POV shot of me chocking her, since I enjoy chocking chicks during sex, so I put my real life in pictures.

                Story's getting to long to continue, rather you guys just see the pictures. Thanks to Vera and Johnny ( @Juanito_Blanco ) for letting me create these images in there loft. Photos by Munir Diaz ( @PhotoBYMunir )



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