South Central Shoot

Was checking my instagram and ran into Michelley Zee @mzeebby on my time line, I started looking at her pics and was thinking what the fuck why havent i shot this chick. I slid in the Dm and asked her to lets shoot, she was with it, I recall we had talked before about shooting but never got to it. She text me asking me if I had any ideas for the shoot, I told her no i don't, I usually freestyle my shoots. We started texting back and forth ideas and what we both liked in pics. Some how we got into putting her cute face somewhere hood so it looks like a hot ass chick on the wrong side of the neighborhood. She was down with it, so i started to think and told her if she was down to shoot getting braided by another female in the hood and of course she said she was down. I needed a location so I texted my friend Santiago ( @godlySanti ) Mr. find you anything you need, 1 hour later he gets back to me with a girl who knows how to braided and has a house in south central we can shoot at.

We set up to meet up at location at 2pm. Santi and I show up like at 1:30 to location in the hood, the block seemed hot. I started to smoke a joing and just kept looking at the action. Michelley shows up and I'm like chill in the car cuz Stephony aint here yet to walk us to the location ( I dont know the area so didnt want to hang outside the car ) But Mzeebby walks out her cars to ours looking fucking sexy in a tight black dress , I was like holy shit shes fucking hot but this blocks hot we might get shot. We get into her car and Santi brings the 12 pack. They start drinking and I was just really high, Stephony  text us that we need to meet her at some other house cuz that block was too hot right now to be standing around. We start driving to two other houses till we actually get to the house. When we arrive im like fuck this place is hood here and the house looked perfect for the idea we had. Get off the car say whats up to Stephony and ask her if shes ready to get high because every time i see her all we do is smoke, but this time we was shooting.Met the owner of the house and few people he had around, dude was mad cool and asked if i liked the house for pics I said fuck yea. 

I started burning one with the girls and a homie that was there, also started telling the girls what to wear for this shot. We had to hurry up because we was running out of sun. Started shooting MIchelley first while Stephony got ready, She was very easy to shoot and knew how to pose on point. Got alot of good pics , then when Stephony was ready we put her in the frame , she normally braids anyways so she was with it. We shot for like 1 hour and got good pics. Honestly I was extremely high and was just letting them do what they wanted and they just had a good time , drinking and smoking while we shot, here are the pics we crated:

Thanks to: 

Michelley Zee. Instagram : @Mzeebby . Snapchat : Michelleyzee .

Stephony : Instagram : @stephonyj

Santiago. Instagram : @godlySanti . @Bonnymuse @bcve .

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