Emilia & Olivia Straight from Kentucky

This story is random, I was on instagram checking my DM's and noticed one from  @eyeinwheelies , usually I don't open dudes messages cus its usually guys saying " hook me up with bitches " but this time it was a guy saying he got some girl friends that are headed to LA and that i should link up with them. His name is Ian, he told me " yo you gonna have fun if you shoot them " so he gave me they @'s and i got a day set up with them two girls. They told me if we can shoot Saturday, I was like yea lets get it. I don't even own a camera right now, I had to hit up my adopted brother Santiago ( @lifeofgodlysanti ) for his camera.

Saturday comes and its about 2pm. I'm here trying to understand this cameras settings while the girls call me that they outside. I take a bong hit and head down stairs, they pulled up in a red benz , and they jumped out the car looking sexy as fuck. Emilia was the first one to say Hi and give me hug, man she was looking good in them jean shorts ass all out and her sexy body and face. After comes Olivia, Sexy face, with that body, ass and tits looking all good. If i wasnt so stoned I would probably nervous.

We go upstairs and start talking about they trip and right away start taking shots of vodka. We took a few more shots, I was hella smoking, Santiago was pouring up, and the girls started to get in they first outfits. They come out the room looking fucking good. I was like hell yea yall look fucking good, lets get these pics. We started warming up with pics and taking more shots, then Olivia and Emilia start making out, I'm like fuck yea keep going add more tongue, let them get into each other and started freezing time. So much that went down in those 5 hours , I cant recall much so hope these pics bring back the memory...

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