Shooting with Samantha James

Met Samantha James ( Instagram @_samimiami )  for the first time On Monday, after creeping her instagram for a few days, I really liked her look so we decided to shoot. I was running late due to a meeting I had with my homie Crichy " @whodafuxcrichy " about a future collab between the both of us. I texted Samantha to meet up in Down Town LA , we was already losing sun light. Met her at some gas station that looked sketchy. I was waiting for her in this shitty ass windy weather, was regretting picking today to shoot, fucking hate cold weather. She arrives like 10 minutes later and we start shooting asap cuz the sunlight was being lost. Honestly wasnt even in the mood to shoot cuz of the wind, but i didnt want to pass up shooting her since she is really fucking hot in pics and even better in real life. We switched to another location, started smoking a joint talking about miami and some other shit. Then we started shooting all stoned, she couldnt stay still and kept laughing because i told her to look mean in pics and she wasnt use to that. After going threw the pics , i want to do another shoot with her sexy ass, for now you guys can enjoy our first shoot. Next shoot I promise you will be the shit due to her great looks and sexy personality we will create some trippy images next. Photo By Munir ( Instagram: @PhotoByMunir )

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