Rest In Peace 6Th St Bridge

Damian and I went to the LA river Nov 18, 2015 to try out some idea I had for a picture. When we got there, I inspected the spot and just wasnt safe for him to get on top of this

That shit just wasn't safe to walk on, old and rusty it woulda cracked and Damian would have  probably died, I aint have time right now to bury someone so we had to pause for a while. I sparked up a J and watched the LA city workers start doing shit to the 6th st bridge, guess there getting it ready to take down.

After killing the J and Damian finished his photo shoot with a caca roach , we saw some Subaru inside the the riverbed. Dude was doing donuts on the water so we approached him all stoned like, yo can we use your car for a shoot? He said he was cool with it, this is what 2 joints later and no idea what we doing looks like

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