John Tucker Must Die Interview

  1. What's up, clearly people who are reading this already know you and I know each other and know I fuck all your hoes here in LA, What's new with you? Still single, jacking off to porn hub? 

Haha very funny, but yeah I am. Sorry, and I don’t have no hoes in LA, so I don’t know what type of chicks you be fucking  that claims that know me, but yes I am still single and I watch pornhub to find new skills while I have sex with sexy chicks so they can fall in love with Tucker. Right now I am just focused on the money, but wouldn’t hurt getting into a relationship. I am getting too old, man.

  1.  I've been checking your Instagram lately, shit your skills got way better from 2 months ago. Sounds weird, but you randomly changed something, your pictures look even better. Did you change anything or have you been going hard lately?

 Yeah I did change a lot of stuff with edits, because I was teaching myself some new ways to edit my pictures. I was going hard too just because I was trying to show people I could do more with my photography and make girls so wet that their panties drop. Making Niggas say, ‘Damn, that’s a bad ass shot with a bad ass bitch.”


  1. Lately you been shooting these dime pieces were I'm like fuck this could be soft core porn...

I mean, sex sells I don’t care what people say man, prude ass girls who don’t like that shit because they are insecure. I could make any girl look good with my pictures; I have the vision for everything. Soft core porn is awesome; it’s a tease that keeps you wanting more.

  1. Out of all the girls you shot with, which ones are your top 3 hottest models? Question is hottest, not coolest. So sexually, which one is the hottest?

My top 3 would have to be Mason, Crystal and Lisa; they are definitely the hottest girls. I am not going to lie, I love shooting with them just because they are fun and they give me a dope vision to shoot. I have more girls to mention who are hot as fuck, but your stupid ass said top 3 when you know all I know is bad chicks.


  1. Low key but really high key, that chick Samy Jordan though, oh my god. That chick is fucking fire. Did you get all nervous and horny on set, or were you all cool about it?

I knew Samy before I shot her, I am not a horny fuck like you, but she does have a nice ass. It’s crazy how big her ass is, aside from that she’s a cool chick to be with. She’s one of my favorite girls, my little brat. Sorry, you can’t have her, she likes black guys. You have to go cry yourself to sleep tonight.

  1. Be honest, how many models have you fucked?

You remember that show Degrassi ? Oh yeah, me too! Great show my nigga! Drake was lit with that wheelchair. Anyways, what did u ask again?


  1. What do you think of Houston, do you want to live there your entire life or is there anywhere you would rather live?

 Houston is cool for just clubs to be honest, I feel like I am just wasting my time here because photography out here is not that big, I am planning to move to LA when my lease is done.  I was smart to reach out to other cities/countries beforehand like LA, Miami, and I also have fans overseas so I still have made a name for myself while I am staying in Houston.

  1. What city you think has the hottest chicks?

I would definitely have to go for LA and Miami. Maybe other cities, I haven’t seen too many yet.


  1. You know what I don't remember? How the fuck did we meet?

 Basically, we met on Instagram. It’s crazy I saw your work and I said, ‘Damn this crazy nigga got the same mindset like me.’ I dug your brand a lot because I notice people when they put their all into something, so I had to support your brand and reached out to you.

      10. What camera and equipment do you use, for those people who look up to want to start following your footsteps?

 What equipment? I use a Nikon D3000 with a 50mm lens. No one believes me when I tell them that, but it’s not about what type of camera you use, it’s all about your vision and the person behind the camera.

     11. What's photography to you? Did you ever go to school for Photography?

Photography to me is a lifestyle and an art to me. I based my life and personality through photography, but I was self taught and shout out to YouTube for teaching me as well.

     12. Are you one of those photographers that gets a hard on about new technology with cameras? Or are you just cool with some shit that pushes a button and just freezes time?

 No, I am not. I don’t even look for new tech. 

     13. What's your favorite 40 oz. brand?

 Old English and Steel Reserve for sure, it gets you in the zone. 

     14. When you fuck chicks, do you go raw or use condoms?

Condom always because my pull out game sucks sometimes, you never know a chick could get pregnant and I am not ready for that and also STDS are real or dick burn.

      15. Let me borrow your 6 pack, so I can go to the beach and pick up on mad hoes. Seriously though, how do you have a 6 pack? You lived with me for a week, you don't work out and you don't eat shit, all you did was drink all my beer and eat all my snacks....

 Haha, honestly I used to work out a lot and got super swole until I got really busy with photography. I do eat, but when I do I eat a lot and hell ya man u had beer next to me what else do u want me to do, masturbate to them? Nah they deserve to be drank nigga, you didn’t introduce your chicks you were being greedy ass fuck.

      16. Our 40 oz collab, what did you think of it? When do you think we should drop another collab shirt or any kind of product together?

The collab was dope as fuck, I just felt like we dropped it at the wrong time. We should have waited but I know the next one will be fire.

   17. Any ideas you think would be dope for a collab shirt?

 The Fourth of July collab we talked about on Facetime, we should drop that soon.

    18. So I heard Jarrett Russo (@iHatePrjrev) put you on boards on the Boat Party RAGE AT SEA 4 in MIAMI, what’s going on with that?

 Hell yeah I can’t wait to party on the boat, I know Miami girls loves to party and I can’t wait to shoot tits and butts at that party with wild crazy chicks.

   19. I don't think you ready for this shit, John. We use to have crazy parties in New York, well I did only two with them with Hunter Moore as the DJ, those parties went wild. This year we going have Nathaniel Knows DJ and Crichy Crich performing, you know him from Houston too right?

 Haha, I used to throw the best parties in Houston when I was young, so trust me, I was born ready to turn up and yeah that’s the homie #ygdoe.

    20. Let's get back to your photography, on a scale of 1-10 how dope do you think your photography is? Be honest, not trying to sound cocky, it's just knowing what you bring to the table.

 I can’t see what I am lacking on, that’s why I can’t scale myself right now, but I always let people be the judge of that with their honest opinion.

   21. What are the top favorite pictures you have ever shot? (Model and scene)

 All my favorite pictures are from LA, but my most favorite is with Mason and Danielle which was both at a beach.

My favorite model is Mason, I love the mermaid photograph that we did.

   22. What do you hate about your photography, is there something you shoot that you are just not happy with the results? What do you, Kareem, John Tucker whatever the fuck your real name is, think you need to improve on in your photography?

 What’s your name? Munir? Scumbags? Big nose nigga? Haha anyways, I think I need to improve more with my local models  and start working more with models outside of Houston and also need to buy some new lenses, like I told you I was creating a new style with a fish eye lens.

   23. Last but not least, do you have any wise words you want to tell the people reading this interview and to those who seek you as an inspiration to their photography?

 I just want to tell everyone to never give up, keep creating your own style and wave. Always be yourself, and also some good advice is to always pull out whenever you fuck a chick.  I know your nasty ass always goes raw with the thots you pick up on Tinder.

 Interview by Munir Diaz.

Edited by @someuglyblonde

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