Sex story #3

I get asked sometimes " who has been the best chick you fucked " i have a top 3, but for first place man I have to say it was my first Black female. Met her at a bbq when I use to Live in Maywood, so i was like fuck it never had a black girl before, plus she was cute and had big tits, but in the back, i guess she was white girl in the back, no ass but fuck it im a boob dude anyways. Whatever so back to the sex, i remember we went to my car that was at the drive way at the bbq, so we get in the back seat and start making out fast and sloppy, I recall her sucking my dick while i put on the condom , we start fucking after , man she was ridding the dick so fucken good i wanted to bust a nut then and there 15 pumps in it I'm like hella nah im not gonna come she gonna think Latino dudes cant fuck if i nut that fast. So i get on top now, spread her legs, left leg touching window and the right as well.I started taking control and beating that shit up, damn i dont remember how many positions we did but i remeber i was sweating like a motha fucker and her too, she kept just telling me nasty shit and moaning loud as fuck like if she was being fucked by a 9 inch dick when i clearly know i have a solid 6, 6 1/2 if i dont jack off in a couple of days. so like 28 minutes later i felt like cumming so i take off the condom and tell her to suck my fucken dick so i can cum in it, she starts sucking and moaning, i nut everything i had in there and she keeps sucking my dick im over there bending over cuz i was feeling sensitive, she didnt stop , I swear to gawd, I came right, she keeps sucking rich, dude my dick did not even get soft when 2 min of her sucking it i got  hard again, not that lampy second round hard dick, i mean shit i was like a rock, so I put on a condom and start fucking her again. idk how many minutes later i nut again, we get dressed and get out the car and my homies and her homegirls wer like " damnmit girl for a minute there it sounded like he was killing you " . So like the quote goes " once you go black you never go back " thats a lie , i went back to latinas and white girls real quick. i think after that I fucked like 4 black females, yet to find one with a booty doe.

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