Monday Sex Tales #2

People always think I fuck Models, but thats not always the case. I have my good days wer I fuck a solid 7-9 but 65% of the time i fuck normal 4-6 pieces and sometimes i give 2 pieces a donation, you can say I'm Humble. But back to the story, Ive gotten lucky to fuck a dime once, cute face , big tits, big o booty. I remember that day I was just chillen at my old place, had my booty call come threw since I was horny. We start fucking shortly after she gets there, we never really had convos we just used each other for sex, so as shes ridding me I get a text from this dime piece i jacked off to atleast 20+ times to her pics, she texts me with, come over lets kick it. I was like ohh shit this cant be real, so i continue to fuck my booty call and bust a good nut. she leaves, so i start washing up and in my head thinking fuck yea this dime wants to kick it and i just busted a nut so if we do smash atleast the gun has been unloaded. 

        I get to her apt. and she was clearly intoxicated the whole place was a mess, she had thrown all her stuff all over the place and starts talking about " this guy doesnt want to clean after himself " im looking around like o shit this girls BF about to come in or some shit, since i only saw 1 bed room. I was already nervous as fuck because I was like damn if she only knew how many times I jacked off to her. we start drinking and chillen, shes drunk and aggressive hitting me and shit, in the back of my mind im still thinking if the guy she was talking about gonna bust in. We was drinking heavy, i go take a piss, as im pissing i hear the front door open and a guys voice, Im like fuck, i cant stop pissing and this dude probably gonna knock me out with my dick in my hand pissing. Luckily i finish and go out and meet the dude, ends up being she had a roommate that was a dude. i was like shit, dope now i might smash, we get to her room and I start attacking and she goes with it, i get a boner real quick, started debating if i should go raw and just nut in her to have a dime piece baby momah lol or put on a condom, clearly i put on a condom, in my head i was thinking ima fuck the shit out of her, i busted a nut 2 hours ago, as i slide in and she turns the booty over, my gawd that shit looked so nice, i tried my hardest but, 8 pumps later i busted a nut, smh pretty sure thats why she never hit me up again.

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