Monday Sex Tales

Unfortunately I'm not a vampire, but if I was fosure woulda loved this sex experience. This girl i would talk to told me she wanted to fuck me, so of course I said yes, she proceeded to tell me " we going to have wild sex, im a freak, you not ready , etc... " so whatever I go pick this chick up, start driving to my house. She starts telling me she brought her gag ball and a whip and some other shit i don't really recall. told me she wanted me to fuck her while she gots the gag ball in her mouth. We get to my house and off the bat start making out, and getting naked, she starts giving me head as i return the fav. so once we get heated she brings out the gag ball and straps it around her mouth. i start fucking her aggressively like if bitch owed me money. I start choking her, spitting on her face while i give it to her ruff, as i pull her hair and start seeing her getting really into it i spit at her face again, as I spit right after i followed with a slap to her face ( don't hit women only fare in bed while ur  dicks in her ) as i go for the 3rd slap she kinda moved a liddo and i accidentally hit her nose, fucking blood starts squirting all over the place so she rushed to the bathroom, she was like fuck my nose is bleeding because I did coke before you picked me up. whatever she cleans up and we start fucking again, this time no slapping just choking and pulling hair, As i start getting really into it and going hard, i see the condom has blood and I'm like " wtf you starting ur rag " she like ohh shit no and runs again to the bathroom. I'm there's trying to clean my bed from some blood, as i walk to the bathroom my toilet is all full of blood and my towel, i'm there like " fuck man  stay in one place you making a fucking mess " shes looking all paranoid bleeding all over the place from her pussy, starts panicking and starts screaming " ohh fuck ohh fuck I'm having a miscarriage  " ( let me remind you before we even had sex she said she hadn't had sex in like 6 months , so remember guys, girls lie about everything ) so she starts freaking out screaming that shit out, I'm here with a hard on condom still on trying to calm her down and the same time I'm still trying to fuck and get my nut out , but nope she starts having a break down and crying, blood, tears, and still i didn't get to bust a nut.

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