Shooting with Calley Lyne .

I don't really remember how I ran into Calley Lyne instagram but i did. I was checking out her pics and I really liked her face, and her body was on point. We started talking online and decided to set up a shoot, but we both never really had time or any ideas. Till last week when i texted her to shoot, that we will think of an idea that day. The day came and we met  up like at 10 am i want to say, she showed up late cuz she had to go get something. When she got here she showed up with her make up artist Nikela Nicole ( @its_nikki_babyyy )  she scared me a bit cuz i really did'nt want her to have much make up on cuz i like her natural girl next door face, but when she was done with the make up it was good. Then Nikki gave Calley some braids. No lie she was looking sexy as fuck, we got high and started driving around, we ended up at a 99 cent store and a liquor store for some reason, then we got to some house to shoot and they kicked us out about 5 minutes into it. We took off to another location two blocks away that was a liquor store, that's when we started shooting dope pics, just remember her eating the candy fucking fast and was shooting fast while cars kept passing by looking with there looking ass. We went to some park after looking for a basketball court, just remember being really stoned at this moment and shooting pics while dude was trying to shoot a basketball. Here's the pictures from this day

Model: Calley Lyne .

Instagram :

Photographer : Munir Diaz 

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