Sex Story Mondays

Sex Story Mondays on a Tuesday, I haven't really been having crazy sex lately, so let me go back and think of a wild story from back then. This story is like from 2013, this one girl on instagram was liking most of my pics so I went to her page and was like, damn this bitch is pretty fucking hot. At first I thot I was being Catfished, like nah, this cant be real. I slide in the DM's and start trying to creep to beat. SHe gives me her number and we start talking, I try to sext her, she aint having. I had to switch the game plan, dont recall how i did it but we set up a date to go eat and drink.

   We arrive to the yard house, I remember I was catching a cold or some shit that day cuz my nose was mad runny, not do to cocaine. She said, you need shots so you dont feel sick, I asked well what kinda shots we taking, she said " we taking tequila shots, because tequila makes me a liddo crazy " In my head Im think, crazy, psh every bitch say they " crazy, porn star, freaks " well, lets say, 10 chicken wings in, 4 - 5 shots later, I thot i was gonna fuck on the bar counter. She was horny and ready to go, I was in my head think " damn dude, she has a huge ass, perfect big tits and taller then you, you better not nut fast pussy " I ask for the check, we start walking to the car, front seat start making out, i start sucking on them tits feeling like im in heaven, took her to the back seat, I never eat pussy on the first date but the way she was looking in that back seat half naked i wanted to even eat her asshole, fuck it. Didnt eat her out doe but did get head and she asked me to fuck her outside of the car ( outside of yard house ) I was down but then remembered theres security and i aint trying to get caught with the pipi out.

     We start driving to her house, as we drive she saying horny ass shit, topless while im drunk and driving to herb house, she lowers the window and starts to flash a car next to us and others. We pull up to her house and she says we cant fuck inside her house so we park a block away. She gets out the car, takes off her pants and bends over on the car door, then we get to grown up shit. It was raining and we was under a tree parked in a residential area, i remeber i couldnt hit it how i wanted to due to hr being so tall, bending her over i had to be on tipie toes. I told her fuck this so i layed on the wet side walk and she proceeded with the frog move, It was raining on us, II was trying to get her wet while getting wet.

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